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Professional Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Roofs age over time and begin to experience problems such as leaking or cracking away of the roofing material. This can create many obstacles for a homeowner. ADG Roofing’s professional advisors will come to your house upon your request, listen to your questions, inspect your roof and recommend a few different remedies that will help increase the life and durability of your roof. We take pride in providing quality roof repairs for all types of roofs and sizes. Some of our roof repair services include:

Wear and Tear Repair

Wear and tear is by far the most common cause of roof damage. Over the years as the roof experiences different weather conditions, it begins to deteriorate due to extreme heat, cold or rain. ADG Roofing understands where the most vulnerable areas of the roof to wear and tear are. This helps make the whole repair process thorough and quick.

Wind Damage Repair

As strong as the roofs in Los Angeles are installed, they are no match to very strong winds. We may not get hurricanes and tornadoes in Southern California, but strong winds like the Santa Ana winds, can still cause damage to your roof by pushing the roof from the bottom up causing early stages of deterioration.

Improper Roof Design Repair

Some of the most complex roof repair problems are caused by improper and poor roof design. The majority of improper roof design problems are costly to repair, thus leading the homeowner to push the work off until a roof replacement is needed. This can be dangerous to the property and its occupants. The most common roof design deficiencies include inadequate roof slope, the use of wrong materials, and an incorrect expansion and/ or contraction.


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What our clients say

ADG Roofing did an excellent job with my roof replacement in October 2016. Thank you for an excelent job. Professional and cleaned up everything before they left.

Dan. S
Los Angeles, CA

ADG Roofing Prices are reasonable, materials are great quality, and they offer many options and advise of what good was best for me. We are happy with the results.

Ana M.
Woodland Hills, CA

ADG Roofing Inspected my roof and advised me it was not ready to be replaced yet. They then gave me a list of estimated repairs with my help pointing out problem areas.

Kimberly. D
Santa Monica, CA

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