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A roof is a very important part of house for both aesthetics and safety reasons. Whether you are planning for roof repair, roof restoration or a complete roof replacement you need to take your time in picking out a roofing company. As a guideline, you should as your roofing company these two very important questions :

Who will remove the Old Roof

This is an important question for homeowners or commercial building owners to ask when they are having a complete roof replacement of their property. Some companies will only be there to install a new roof but not removing the old roof which might come as a surprise after you sign a contract.

What Happens if it Starts Raining ?

This is a question that each and every homeowner or commercial building owner should ask if the roofing repair, replacement or restoration is taking place in winter or a rainy season. It’s important to know what they will do in order to protect the interior of your property or the property in the house. A roofing company needs to have measures in place to protect your house and property in the house in case of rain.

Call a professional roof company if you see or just suspect that your home or commercial building is experiencing any problems. Contact ADG Roofing and Construction on 310 436-5094 for an inspection.

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